Zeolite 2018 field trip is planned in Nižný Hrabovec deposit of zeolite. Zeolite was first utilised for its exceptional properties at the beginning of the 1950s with the first in-depth research into the properties of this extraordinary natural rock. Zeocem, a.s. holds the extraction rights to a reserve of clinoptilolite, which belongs to the large zeolite group. The quarry is located in Nižný Hrabovec in eastern Slovakia. This zeolite reserve is characterised by its richness and its purity, which rank it among the world’s best sources.



30th of June 2018 (Saturday)

SLOVAKIA, Company Zeocem, a.s. Bystré and Quarry in Nižný Hrabovec

During the development of the earth, nature has left us a precious gift – zeolite (clinoptilolite). It is a natural mineral with exceptional physical properties resulting from its special crystal structure. We would like to give you an uniqe opportunity to consort with the zeolites.

We invite you to attend a technical excursion to ZEOCEM a.s. Quarry (Slovakia).

Zeocem, a.s. is a dynamically developing company with 60 years experience in working with natural materials. The main production program is the mining and processing of natural zeolite and manufacture products based on natural zeolite.

The company’s goal is to build an advanced company that represents a reliable manufacturer, seller, and supplier of zeolite-based products and meets high European standards. To ensure long-term sustainability and to meet our customers’ requirements, Zeocem always try to outperform their competitors in the areas of technological optimisation and product innovation.


Cracow – Koszyce – Nižný Hrabovec – Bystré – Cracow

Preliminary plan of the ZEOCEM Quarry visit: ZEOCEM technical excursion ZEOLITES 2018

Please note that Participants from countries outside the European Union need VISAs to visit the ZEOCEM a.s., Slovakia (in addition to a polish VISA).


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